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Wolf Ridge Ranch

Dixie Chicken Shack

Day-Old Chicks For Sale
Wolf Ridge's Chickens


Check out these Farm Fresh Eggs!
Dark Brown, Green & Blue Naturally Colored Eggs!


Our Chickens are:

  • Allowed to Free Range the Acreage
  • Fed high Protein Feed
  • Vitamin Supplemented
  • Very Healthy
  • Produce Rich Golden-Colored Egg Yolks

Here are some pictures of our Poultry...


For more information on our Black Copper Marans Chickens & other poultry breeds we sell, please contact me at the below information:
Joy L. Rogerson
BS, Animal Science,  Texas A&M '03
Agricultural Science Teacher, Marlin HS
Wolf Ridge Ranch
PO Box 66
Reagan, TX 76680
Phone: 254-587-2491